Live Casino

Live casinos are a recent and hugely popular trend in gambling. The peculiarity of the category lies in the imitation of a real casino, where the gameplay is conducted in real time. Dozens of Live Casinos can be found in Turkey, offering a quality and safe recreational experience with instant payouts. Sign up and try it for yourself with a welcome bonus for creating an account.

What is Live Casino

A live casino is a category of games where the player is hooked up to a live studio broadcast. Professional croupiers or dealers interact with participants, taking bets and chatting online. The exterior of each game is reminiscent of a real casino room. The tables are equipped with high-quality lighting and sound. Entertainment is available around the clock.

Peculiarities of online casinos with real dealers

Find a live casino site on the internet using a search engine. To start playing, you need to register and fund your account. There is no demo mode in Live Casino, so you have to play straight away for money. Once started, the dealer sees that you have connected the lobby. It is possible to make bets and write to the online chat.

Live Casino rules

Live Casino has a general set of rules, though some things can vary, depending on the app you choose:

  1. To start the game, you must sit down at a table and choose the number of hands to deal.
  2. Player has a few minutes to make decisions.
  3. Bets and actions are made using a visual menu on the screen.
  4. Each participant sits at their own game table with a dealer.

Security of Live Casino Sites

Live is a safe and fair format for entertainment as all the action takes place in real time. To see this, you can write something in the chat room and see how the host reacts. All the cards in tabletop games are dealt and then they’re shuffled live. It’s the same with other forms of entertainment (roulette, lottery, wheel).

Benefits of playing live casino games

  • A unique gameplay experience. Roulette, card and table games in a live format. Conventional machines can not bring this experience.
  • Integrity and trust. In a real game, it is impossible to fudge the results. All the action takes place right in front of you.
  • A wide variety of games. Several variations of roulette, poker, blackjack, and more are in the Live Casino collection.
  • Exclusive bonuses. There are separate promotions for Live for depositing, registering and other casino related events.
  • Availability. You can play live on any device, including smartphones and tablets. All you need to connect is a wireless connection.
  • Freedom of action. With dealer games, players have multiple ways to win, when with regular slot machines, everything is automatic.

Live Casino Games

The Live games room has between 20 and 100 unique games. It all depends on the reputation and popularity of the online casino. First of all they try to add the most interesting entertainments: roulette, poker, blackjack, lottery, baccarat. For variety, all games of chance are divided into several versions with different number of boxes, additional features or cumulative jackpots.

Classic roulette is divided into American, European and French. Each has different rules and payout percentages, but the general concept remains the same. Players place their bets on numbers and on the inside and outside sectors. The ball determines the outcome of the round.

In blackjack, the participant must collect a number combination close to 21 points. The player has competition in the form of a croupier who also takes cards. The game has overshots, insurance, splits and other types of features that have diversified the gameplay.

Best live casino slots

There are plenty of exciting slots at Live Casino, but check out the classic BlackJack and Roulette first. The games retain the traditional rules while adding authenticity to the gameplay. When you sit down at the gaming table, you get the feeling of being in a real establishment. Casual fans will love Wheel of Fortune and Bingo.

Most popular Live Casino games

Every online casino has its own popular games and providers. The most popular Live Casino software providers in Turkey are as follows:

  • Evolution;
  • NetEnt;
  • BetGames;
  • Lucky Streak;
  • Ezugi.

As for the popularity of games in Turkish casinos, the top five are European Roulette, Blackjack, Highroller Baccarat, Dream Catcher Fortune Wheel, Poker.

How to play live casino games from your mobile phone

To play live casino games from your phone all you need is an upgraded version of Android/iOS and an internet connection. The live casino machines are resource intensive so a powerful device with lots of RAM is recommended. Some casinos provide a separate client to play comfortably, while others support a mobile version.

Deposit and withdrawal methods on live casino sites

There are many ways to make deposits and withdrawals to Live Casino, including cryptocurrency. Deposits are processed faster than withdrawals. All requests are made through a personal account. It is recommended that you verify your account to get the full list of features for money manipulation. Each method has its own processing times and commissions, we advise you to check this in advance.

Fill Live Casino Balance with Mefete

Mefete is an electronic payment system with a simple interface and support for mobile devices. A bank card is linked to the service and you can then top up your account and make payments from your smartphone.

  1. Select Mefete in your personal cabinet.
  2. Enter the amount.
  3. Enter details.

The service charges a small fee (1%). The processing of transactions is instantaneous. The status of the deposit is displayed in a private office.

Fill Live Casino Balance with Papara

Papara is a Turkish payment system operating since 2016. It allows you to conveniently use your budget. The account can be opened in any currency.

  1. Select Papara as the payment system through your personal account.
  2. Specify the amount you want to top up your wallet in the casino.
  3. Confirm the transaction by entering your details.

There are no deposit, withdrawal or maintenance fees. You may obtain a physical card if you wish.

Fill Live Casino Balance with Payfix

Payfix is a state of the art online payment platform. The service is downloaded to your phone from the official Apple and Google Market shops.

  1. Specify Payfix service as top-up.
  2. Fill in your details.
  3. Enter the amount and confirm the transaction.

No deposit or withdrawal fees are charged. The money comes instantly to your Casino wallet.

Fill Live Casino Balance by Credit Card

  1. Select the top-up method via card.
  2. Enter card number, amount and three-digit code.
  3. Confirm the transaction.

The banking system deducts a small fee (2-3%). The money arrives within 5-10 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions contain answers to popular questions from new Live Casino customers. The section is at the bottom of the main page. It’s the first place to look before you contact customer support. Most solutions can be found here.

How do I play in a live casino?

Register and make a deposit. Then select your Live Casino game and click play.

Are live casino sites reliable?

Absolutely, all results and giveaways are streamed live.

Do I have to have a strategy when I play live casino games?

Not necessarily. Strategies can only help you streamline your actions and keep your bankroll in check. As with any other game of chance, randomness reigns supreme in Live Casino.

Which Live Casino Sites are the safest?

Choose popular casinos that everyone knows and trusts. They watch out for their reputation, keep their commitments to their players and always follow the rules.

Which Live Casino games are the most profitable?

Statistically, the most profitable games are card games like blackjack and poker. Here, the player has more freedom of action, you can split the hand, double the bet, take insurance or refuse the deal. In roulette, on the other hand, the player only bets by choosing numbers.